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Uber Eats. Image courtesy Uber Eats Facebook page.

The Project

Having long covered the issue of unfair contract terms imposed on small businesses by larger companies, Adam immediately recognised the significance when a restaurant publicly complained on social media about some of the terms imposed on it by delivery giant Uber Eats, including being forced to contribute to customer refunds even where Uber Eats’ delivery component was the target of criticism.

As part of his investigations, Adam alerted the regulator – Australia’s ACCC – to the situation, which subsequently announced it would undertake a formal investigation. A year later, the ACCC announced that Uber Eats would amend its contract terms to restaurant partners to remove the disputed clauses. It demonstrated how a knowledgeable journalist can be a force for driving positive and meaningful change for their audience.


Publication: My Business

Publish date: 12 April 2018

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