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While Australia and the world looked at the Climate Strike in September 2019 in terms of the number of people turning out at rallies, Adam sought to present the events from a different perspective: that of employers, and how they felt about their workers downing tools to protest for action on climate change. In the days leading up to the global strike, he

This angle piqued the interests of ABC Radio, which interviewed Adam about employer reactions on the eve of the strikes.

He followed this up by attending Sydney’s main rally, at which organisers suggested some 30,000 people, together with photographer James Bow-Whiting, to speak with people on the ground. His vox pops included a small business owner who had closed down for the day and encourage all staff to participate in their local events, as well as a Reserve Bank economist, as well as several workers, presenting a diverse cross-section of those in attendance.


Publication: My Business

Publish date: 20 September, 2019

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